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CerCol F.49 Poxyrapid Comp. A+B

CerCol F.49 Poxyrapid Comp. A+B

SKU: 0001

Fast drying two-component epoxy adhesive with zero vertical slip and strong mechanical bond. For applications where a rigid bond between the cladding material and substrate is needed. It can be used for vertical and horizontal surfaces in interior and exterior applications. Included: 1.5kg Comp. A, .5kg Comp. B


    How to apply

    F.49 POXYRAPID can be applied onto concrete, stone, brick or metal with a flat spatula or a trowel. To obtain a good bonding we advise spreading the adhesive onto both surfaces to be bonded and to let the product penetrate well in the particularly uneven areas. After applying the adhesive, match the pieces to be bonded together and keep them together until the adhesive has completely hardened. The sufficient thickness for a good adhesion between the materials to be glued is approximately 1-2 mm. F.49 POXYRAPID can be applied also on a vertical surface or on ceilings, without any risk of dripping. The environmental temperature affects the time of hardening: at 74°F F.49 POXYRAPID, remains workable for approx. 40 minutes. After this period of time, it begins the hardening process. In the hot season, it is advisable not to expose the material to the sun and glue the materials together in the cooler hours of the day to prevent the rapid hardening of the product, which would make its application difficult. In the winter period, if the temperature outside is lower than 50°F we advise heating the substrate at least 24 hours prior to glueing the materials and using adequate isolating systems to ward off any difficulty caused by frost. The thermal insulation must be maintained for at least the subsequent 24 hours. Prior to use the product must be stored in a heated area.

    Suitable applications

    - Structural reinforcement of porcelain slabs by bonding the porcelain to a rigid substrate (i.e. Nero foam board)

    - Rigid structural bonding of materials in prefabricated concrete.

    - For construction joints between cured concrete.

    - Bonding pieces of porcelain together.

    Unsuitable applications

    - Do not use for sealing elastic joints or those subject to movement

    - do not use for construction joints between fresh and old concrete

    - do not use on wet surfaces or those subject to rising dampness;

    - do not use on dirty or crumbly surfaces;

    - do not use for the bonding or grouting of acidproof ceramic tiles (use CerCol F.40 Cerpoxy Art);


    Due to our products being classified as hazardous materials we do not accept returns or issue refunds. All sales are final. Shipping hazardous materials requires DOT certification and we dont want to put anyone at risk by allowing returns. We hope you understand our concern for everyone involved.


    Packaging - Comp. A (1.5kg bucket ) Comp. B (.5kg bucket)

    Mixing ratio - Prebatched (3:1)

    Pot life of mix = 50°F- 60 min. / 74°F- 35 min. / 86°F- 25 min.

    Open time as adhesive = 50°F- 7hr / 74°F- 3hr / 86°F- 1.5hr

    Setting time as adhesive = ≥60 min.

    Application temperature range = 41°F to 86°F

    Final cure = 7 days

    Shelf life = 24 months in orgininal packaging in a dry environment (protect it from frost)

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