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CerCol F.40 Cerpoxy Art Grout Comp. A+B

CerCol F.40 Cerpoxy Art Grout Comp. A+B

SKU: 0002

Two-component epoxy grout for joints subject to high chemical and physical stress. Completely waterproof for all wet environments or exterior applications. Particularly suitable for sealing of floors and walls with grout joints at a minimum width of 1/16".


    Suitable applications

    - Interior and exterior decorative grouting of floors and walls, especially recommended for vitreous mosaic;

    - ideal also to be used in areas requiring a high resistance to acids, on all substrates commonly used in the building industry;

    - laying and grouting decorative floors and walls in areas with a high aesthetic value (for example showrooms, commercial environments);

    - it can also be used on bases requiring a semi-transparent final appearance (for example bases in glass);

    - laying and grouting of floors and walls for showers and bathrooms, suitable for bases in fibreglass and PVC;

    - laying and grouting of floors and walls in saunas

    - laying and grouting of ceramic materials and mosaics on external facades;

    - laying and grouting of swimming pools; especially recommended for baths containing thermal or salt water;

    - also suitable for repairing existing degraded grout , after the removal of the crumbly parts (ensuring there is a depth of at least 1/8");

    Unsuitable applications

    - grouting of ceramic floors and walls subject to attack by oleic acid;

    - grouting expansion elastic joints or joints subject to movement;

    - if the edges of ceramic tiles are wet or dirty with cement, dust, oil, grease, etc...;

    - grouting tiles in tuscan cotto, as this could change the appearance, or for natural limestone (if in doubt, pre-test the product);

    - grouting joints which must be heat resistant up to 482°F; 

    - do not add water or solvents in order to improve the workability;


    Due to our products being classified as hazardous materials we do not accept returns or issue refunds. All sales are final. Shipping hazardous materials requires DOT certification and we dont want to put anyone at risk by allowing returns. We hope you understand our concern for everyone involved.


    Packaging - 3kg bucket (Part B is located inside the bucket!)

    Mixing ratio - Prebatched (9:1)

    Pot life of mix = ≥45 min.

    Open time as adhesive = 30 min.

    Setting time as adhesive = ≥60 min.

    Application temperature range = 54°F to 86°F

    In service temperature = -4°F to 212°F

    Walk over time = 24 hours

    Ready for use = 4 days

    Shelf life = 24 months in orgininal packaging in a dry environment (protect it from frost)

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